I am Prasuna from Hyderabad, India.

Words routinely describe me as a woman who loves to wander, be it through places, books, music, dance, people…

After spending 10 years of my life within four walls of concrete and glass buildings, I decided to explore the other side of life. Three things stood out so far. Travel, Music and Writing.

Travel – Someone rightly quipped ‘the more you travel the less you feel you have traveled.’ Travel to me is a journey without a destination. And this journey is nothing I expected or imagined possible….trekking Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Dalai Lama’s teachings in Dharamshala, working as scuba diver in Goa, yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, glow worm trails of New Zealand, rafting in freezing waters of Kashmir, street food of Xiamen, wild life of Sri Lanka so on…and so much more to go.

Music – a rekindled passion that seems to tame the wildness of traveling. Its’ never too late to learn something, and what best than Indian classical to start with. So I chose Sitar, and it keeps me grounded, literally!

Writing – This is completely new. When you are in the hold of a moment that takes your breath away or creates an awareness of your breath, words tumble out effortlessly. While some make sense, some I struggle to grasp. I don’t doubt I will make mistakes as I learn to express!

The blog is my attempt to put in words this not so unique journey of exploring life!

Please leave your comments, suggestions or any feedback.

Thank you

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  1. Fly With Shaunak

    Hi, I am really with you on that travel ideology, that the more you travel, the less you feel you have travelled. Same thing here… 9 Years of work experience after an MBA from Pune and nothing more in life 🙂 But the time is still not gone… Wat say ?


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