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Majuli Island – Nature’s Paradise

We seem to be traveling back in time, as we make our way to Jorhat in a crowded auto rickshaw on route to Majuli, the largest fresh water river island in the world. Hopping into a ferry just as it…
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You can’t go wrong with New Zealand!

Luxury travelers, nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, road trippers, honeymooners, backpackers…whatever your reasons or style of travel, you won’t go wrong with New Zealand. Personally, there were many firsts on this trip marking the beginnings of a dream of traveling full…
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Random act of kindness – Trek to Triund

How much further is Triund? Local: “another hour or two depending on how fast you walk?” “Is it safe to trek back if it gets dark?” Local: “No, there are bears in this jungle. There was an attack only a…
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